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EMC compliance...

FORDFORD Posts: 221
edited 2006-02-24 23:05 in Propeller 1
Hello All,
Just wondering if any testing has been done for EMC compliance at different clock speeds on the propeller.
Chris, West Oz


  • Paul BakerPaul Baker Posts: 6,351
    edited 2006-02-24 22:47
    Chip and/or Jeff can more fully answer this, but as of a week ago no formalized EMI characterizations have been made. In theory it should put off quite abit, since the slew rate is very high (I think pin transition is ~1 ns), but it doesn't seem to cause much real world interference (no interference was caused on a television adjacent to the board). But the demo board is a 4 layer PCB which helps to minimize EMI.

  • FORDFORD Posts: 221
    edited 2006-02-24 23:05
    Thanks Paul,
    My·concern is, that here in Australia, before any elctrician etc can install any new equipment, it must have a current EMC certification. We have to submit·any new·equipment to testing authorities where very detailed performance tests are undertaken. (They don't just put it next to a telly, but I wish they would).

    With our application, we dont need super high speed, si I guess we could quiten it down a bit.

    I look forward to some actual figures.


    Chris, West Oz.
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