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Tigerbotics SpeakJet configuration problems — Parallax Forums

Tigerbotics SpeakJet configuration problems

inakiinaki Posts: 262
edited 2005-02-22 13:39 in Robotics
I am trying to configure the Tigerbotics board but all I get is a mess of sounds.
The commands I send have nothing to do with the sounds the speaker produces.
Sometimes the Speakjet enters some sort of an endless loop of crazy sounds without any reason.

Apparently there is something wrong in the configuration but what?
I have configured the Baud rate panel and the Event Config. The Flow Control check is set.
I have not done any changes to the Sync panel.

The serial cable I use is a standard null modem cable.



  • inakiinaki Posts: 262
    edited 2005-02-22 13:39
    I answer myself. The problem was the serial cable. It needs a straight serial cable, not a null modem. I have used the one that comes with BOE.
    With the right cable it does work.
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