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Does anybody know of a (preferably) UK manufacter or reseller of axles/gear mountings and such to link a servo to a driveshaft, connected to a wheel?




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    I would get the Handbook of Inch Drive Components (or metric, wichever you prefer).· Goto and click free catalogs by mail and they will send you thier catalogs (I got a couple different ones, three of them were over 1,000 pages).· They have all kinds of small parts and axles every robot builder should get this.· They also have a distributer in England.

    As far as linking a servo to a wheel what I did was use the big round horn and drilled two holes in it so I could·bolt on a large spur gear to the horn and use that to drive a smaller gear on the axle.
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    cool. Thanks for the info - I have ordered a catalog!
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    I tried the address and I thing somenthing is wrong.
    Could you give it again please?
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