? about the mini servos

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I just got a new R/C airplane and it requires small/light servos, due to the extremely low price on parallax's mini servos I am thinking about using them.

BUT... Weight is a major issue, so if anyone knows the exact weight of the mini servos let me know.


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    Parallax's servos are modified Futaba mini servos. You might look at Futaba's web site to get an idea of what is out there.

    But, do you need FULL ROTATION OR 180 DEGREE ROTATION?

    Parallax's Toddler servos are the 180 DEGREE.

    Parallax's BOE Bot are FULL ROTATION

    G. Herzog in Taiwan
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    Just 180 degrees, its for an R/C airplane but the deal is they have to be less than .22 ounce give or take a little.
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