BS2-1c Line Maze Robot

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Has anybody attempted or had any sucess at a Line Maze Solving Robot using a BS2-1C stamp. I have asked around and it would seem that the memory and processing speed are an issue and that BS2-IC is not the righ tool for the job any comments? confused.gif


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    Try doing a web search on "micromouse" and "basic stamp" -- I believe you'll find something. While surfing sometime back I came across a middle-school in England that was using the BS2 in a maze-solving robot.

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    Many thanks for that information Jon, I would not have thought to search on "Micromouse". -- For anyone else interested here is the web link for the site that Jon referenced --
    It has some really interesting information on all aspects of building a maze solving robot, from programming to choice of motors, sensors etc...
    If anyone else has attempted anything like this, or would like to share any insights, I would be very interested to hear from them.

    Regards Nigel

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