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P2 Taqoz V2.8: Which Cogs are used by what? — Parallax Forums

P2 Taqoz V2.8: Which Cogs are used by what?

Christof Eb.Christof Eb. Posts: 629
edited 2021-09-28 09:05 in Forth

Feeling a little bit silly to have to ask this question. :s
I do know, that cog0 runs the console Forth.
The rest is not clear to me, as the taqoz.lst file, which is included in the zip, does not completely apply.
Serial RX is done by an interrupt routine. By COG 0 ???
Which COG runs VGA? Seems to be 7??
There seems cogs 0, 1, 2 occupied?

Any hints very welcome!

Edit - at the moment I think:
cog 0: console Forth
cog 1: wav-player
cog 7: vga


  • Sine you said any hints are welcom then I can see two options:

    easy - ask the TAQOZ inventor and developer on his sourceforge page or (see my message here on your message board)
    not so easy but doable - review the source code.

    I'd choose the easy one for speed and the not so easy one for the longer journey. I'm not that advanced in TAQOZ to give you a better and quicker answer.

  • Thanks Maciek. Tried it out the dirty way using cogstop. :#

  • That's kind of harsh but does not hurt. I haven't thought of that but it's a valid method too. But yes, forth encourages experiments but only the ones that can't blow something nasty right into ones face :). This one of yours is safe in that respect.

  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 18,062
    edited 2021-09-29 06:22

    If you look in my P2 OS thread you will find an example of determining which cogs are used/free.
    Not sure if it’s in the P2 Tricks and Traps thread.

  • @Cluso99
    Thank you!

  • By simply starting each cog with a test word, it would appear that TAQOZ is running in COG 0 only and COG 1 - 7 are idle, from switch on?

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