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Inastallting Propeller Tool 2.5 over 1.3.2 — Parallax Forums

Inastallting Propeller Tool 2.5 over 1.3.2

Hello Everyone,

Did anyone perform installation of newest Propeller Tool 2.5 over very old 1.3 version?
Are there any special considerations?
I'd like to start playing with P2, so it is time to upgrade, but I don't want to "break" anything.
I still develop my hobby projects for P1.

Thank you,


  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,702
    edited 2021-06-13 19:09

    Check the location of your 1.3.x executable file. The 2.5.x executable is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallax Inc\Propeller Tool. This wasn't a problem for me because I had previously done a custom install of 1.3.x to keep the Library folder out of the protected (x86) folder. The 2.5.x install creates a folder under C:\Users\username\Documents\Propeller Tool which is where the Library and other related folders are kept -- this allows you to copy to and from the Library folder without headaches.

    Tip: Before you do anything, open any custom files that you've put into the 1.3.x Library folder and save them elsewhere. Due to the nature of the (x86) folder, you can't do this (easily) from Windows explorer. Once you have 2.5.x installed, you can easily copy those files into the new Library folder which is easy to get to.

  • Thanks, Jon.
    I installed Propeller Tool 2.5.3 in a custom folder.
    There are no conflicts except file types assignment, which I assigned to newly installed version.
    I can still run the older version which keeps the libraries in a different location than a new one.

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