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Propeller 1 Standard Product Examples

Where are the examples for the propeller 1 ? I have the first manual v1.0 it came with examples that
would run on the Propeller 1 demo board, remember that little green square board that first came out ?

Well, when I download the "Propeller Tool Software for Windows (Spin/PASM for P1/P2)"
The examples do not work on the P1, they ALL seem to be for the P2. (spin2.)

Where are the basic simple starter examples for the Propeller Demo Board Rev E. (c) 2006 ?

I would prefer to download the original software if I can. But the examples are ok, if they will work
with the 2.5.3 tool.

Thank you,


  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 17,949

    Have you looked at the website under the Propeller 1 downloads? Is the old PropTool there ?

    I think this is the name of the file you are looking for. It's 20MB and the forum software will not let me attach it :(

  • Thank you for your kindness an support.

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