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Domino's Pizza Delivery Robot in Houston — Parallax Forums

Domino's Pizza Delivery Robot in Houston

ercoerco Posts: 19,993

Anybody live in Houston? Here's a hack just waiting to happen!

Ken, you need to get Arlo delivering pizzas in Rocklin ASAP!


  • Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,060
    edited 2021-04-15 04:25

    Good, just when I need that spare part that i can't get from a lack of money due to all the jobs getting taken by ... spare parts..
    well now I know there will always be a easily disappearable mobile platform of a plethora of useful parts?

    When the prices of the pizzas stay the same like all those products you scanned and bagged yourself, at the store that used to employ your teenager to do....
    you won't see any benefit to this at all, and only see less work available and more competition for what work you can find.

    I foresee a large spare parts market in the future, that mysteriously have their markings scrapped off....

    I am not saying I would do that... but im just sayin..
    HOW LOW CAN WE GO.... (looks at the marinara's trench of A.I.) Pretty sure there's no bottom.

    Do they run you down if you try anything? Does the govt allow them to mount gun turrets to protect their vehicles?
    Or how about just let them explode if someone tries anything?

    Just sayin, the only person with any rights anymore is apparently corporations.. i mean, they are people right?
    So don't they have the right to defend their property with lethal force, since they are people.

  • CJMJCJMJ Posts: 202

    I read this today but haven't seen any yet. I told my brother who's an ex-police officer and he said "I wonder how long it'll take 'them' to figure out how to clean out the pizzas, then how long to figure out how to haul off the auto-vehicle". Where there's profit, there's a way! Maybe the pizza companies can hire all the de-funded ex-police officers to follow their auto-vehicles around report the thief to.. who?

  • Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,060
    edited 2021-04-15 05:01

    @CJMJ said:
    auto-vehicles around report the thief to.. who?

    To the AI gun turret mounted to the top.?
    They will argue that its no different than an armed security guard.
    And they will win with video recordings showing the attack(s)?

    Since the answer to problems these days with anyone in power is direct and overwhelming violence (ON EVERY SIDE OF THE PROBLEM), I suspect a 360 degree reusable taser system will show up at some point.

    Corporations are not people. Just like the water well pump that keeps me alive by giving me water, just because I need it to live,
    doesn't mean you can now call the pump, or the whole "corporation" of parts that make up my water supply "A PERSON", because it keeps a person(s) alive.
    Or any other reason, if a person owns something doesn't mean that something is now a person.
    Same goes with the Government, its not a person.
    But when you hate the government(im not saying i do), then, "Its not government, its people, who pervert the role of government, that you hate."
    Don't you DARE let the PEOPLE who hide behind government or corporations, and leave their blame with those "programs of human interaction"

    Does that mean my spin code is now a person because I created it and it fits the exact description of what a corporation does? "programs of human interaction"
    That means if you download my programs and then delete them, you have murdered?

    I for one, welcome our new robot overlords, it won't stop at pizza delivery. Your boss sucks at their job, and AI won't. Same with the CEO.
    I look at it all and actually laugh. People diggin their own graves. I am all about digging and hanging out around holes in the ground, it has some joy. For a while.

    So now where is my AI pizza? Im hungry.

  • @"Clock Loop"

    The power is in the peoples hands- if you don't like replacing people with robots- don't give them your custom. If everyone did that they would HAVE to revert to using people.


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