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USB to I2C/UART bridge question — Parallax Forums

USB to I2C/UART bridge question

Has anybody here had any experience with the MCP2221A from Microchip ?

It's a USB-> I2C/UART converter (basically preprogrammed PIC16F1455, most likely). It's not that great when it comes to baud rates (max is 460800 baud), and not that cheap either (~$2 in sigle quality) but it has nice package options (DIP included for breadboard users) and has four programmable GPIOs and ADC/DAC capabilities.
Could be useful as a P1 companion chip. Maybe.


  • jmgjmg Posts: 14,879

    Maybe. The Baud is quite limited and it seems to not have any handshake lines, so a CP2102N would be a better choice.
    I have managed to find PL2303GS parts, due to arrive next week, so will see how those shake out.

  • Thanks, @jmg .
    I've abandoned the idea of using this MCP2221A chip. There are better options indeed and I am not a breadboard user any more so why bother.

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