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Happy Pi Day!



  • yetiyeti Posts: 789


    Ok... before π-day is over one of my favourites, and like other good movies, it even comes as a trilogy!



    The end is neigh — the end is π!

  • Here in Taiwan we even pay with Pi's: The official sign for our currency is 元 (pronounced like yen). When I first saw it I was reading it as Pi-bar. Thinking of the meaning of h-bar as h/2Pi then our currency is just 元=pi/2pi=1/2.

    I guess this was the zombie pi thread, however it mentioned Einstein...

    The Energy side of the equation never satisfied me for its lack of pattern preservation, so I fixed it.


    (still lacks pattern information preservation) Energy = Mass * (Speed of light)²

    (still lacks pattern information preservation) Energy = Infinite Mass

    Energy = Pattern * Energy (since infinite mass is pure energy, and so is MC²) But the pattern must be preserved!

    divide the common

    Energy/Energy = Pattern * Energy / Energy

    = Pattern

    Nothing exists, except pi.

  • Okay, Clock Loop. That video is just creepy... :#

  • Wendy's counter-point to the phrase, "Pi R Round" was, "Cobbler R Square"

    And cornbread R square? Nope! Cornbread R round, too! (Just made this today.)

  • yetiyeti Posts: 789

    He's a bit late, but ... meh ...

    The Ridiculous Way We Used To Calculate Pi


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