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Problems with new website


today i tried to login on the new website with my (Cromium based) Edge Browser.
After filling in my login/password i pressed the login button, but the only thing i got
was a hourglass and the login did not go on.
I got no error but the login just did not procede.
To check if i got the login data right i tried to login on the old site and it worked wit no
I deactivated any blockers or filters for the website.

anyone knows what i do wrong?


  • Have you registered at the new site? It may not be obvious, but the login credentials from the old site are not compatible with the new site.

  • SuracSurac Posts: 168

    No I have not registered.
    I had expected to get some kind of error if I try unregised credentials.
    Thanks for the fast answer. I will register

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