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FlexProp on Pinebook Pro

Has anyone compiled FlexProp for Manjaro on a Pinebook Pro? If so or you know how, could you educate me on the process. Yes, I stuck my right hand in the box and died.


  • ersmithersmith Posts: 4,890

    I haven't tried Manjaro, but for Ubuntu the steps are:

    cd $HOME
    mkdir -p src
    cd src
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install build-essential
    sudo apt-get install bison
    sudo apt-get install git
    sudo apt-get install tk8.6
    sudo ln -s /usr/bin/wish8.6 /usr/bin/wish
    git clone --recursive
    make install

    You will get a warning that openspin was not found and so the P1 loader is not built. If you're developing only for P2 this won't matter. Otherwise you will have to build or find the openspin Spin compiler and add it to your PATH before doing the steps above.

    Once the build is finished, the final flexprop installation will be in $HOME/flexprop. You can change this to another directory by adding an INSTALL=<dir> in the make install step, e.g.

    make install INSTALL=/opt/flexprop

    To run, go to the flexprop installation directory and run ./flexprop.tcl.

  • I was able to build it with:

    sudo pacman -Syu base-devel tk
    git clone --recursive
    cd flexprop
    make install

    and OpenSpin also compiled without issues.

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