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The Amigo - Prop mini computer with Color BASIC



  • I wanted to note that I also recently built the Micromite Companion noted above. It was easy to build, although the build instructions were not as detailed as the ones for the Amigo.

    It works well. Its more complex than the Amigo and has more features/modes for me to learn about and explore. The BASIC is more advanced/complex and has significantly more memory to work with.

    I'd say the Amigo is just right for introducing a new user to programming and making simple computer controlled circuits (since it has LEDs and switches and their circuits as part of the board and requires the user to just plug in jumpers to make use of them.)

    I see both of these as another distraction to my finally learning SPIN and Robot BASIC :)

  • AleAle Posts: 2,362
    I was wondering about a PASM-only BASIC interpreter, till I saw Bean's post about PE-BASIC... They used to fit a BASIC+editor in 4 kbytes ROM (6502/Z80). Of course a couple of tables are also needed so the 512 longs may just but just may be enough... I didn't see Bean's work yet.
  • BeanBean Posts: 8,122
    edited 2015-12-31 12:05
    Ale, The idea I had was to use one cog for the editor, another for the expression evaluator, and another to do everything else.

    I think that could be done. That would free up ALL of the hub ram for the BASIC code and variables.

  • hinvhinv Posts: 1,064
    @Bean Are you working on BASIC for the P2? Now with LUT on each COG, and faster execution and much bigger hub and more pins, and..., it is quite impressive.
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