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Inventory Robo-Fail @ Walmart — Parallax Forums

Inventory Robo-Fail @ Walmart

ercoerco Posts: 19,860
WM is pulling the plug after 5 years of robot inventory using Bossa Nova's inventory robots.

They shoulda used a P2 robot! OTOH it's nice that people can do as good as robots, based on the report at :


  • That's not at all surprising. If humans are already failing at the task of keeping a shelf stocked, adding a robot won't help. It's probably the shelf itself that's the problem.

    I expect disagreement. But looking at the problem, the shelves are too cramped, there's to many different shapes, and there's too many sku's and differing shelf heights.

    Keeping soup cans organized, faced, and in stock-- solvable. Doing that and also thin tuna pouches and floppy noodle bags and on and on... No way, no how, never.
  • Warehouse robotic order fulfillment is excellent. In a retail store not so much. To me they wouldn't make sense even if they were suspended from cranes. A local supermarket has one and I think it just identifies spills in the isles.
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