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P2 Graphical Debug Terminal C++ Port - Status Update, with source code! — Parallax Forums

P2 Graphical Debug Terminal C++ Port - Status Update, with source code!

Finally got my Rev B Eval to connect at 3000000, i.e., 3Mbits/sec (I think!) Up until now that fastest connection that I have been able to achieve is 230400, whether using the Propeller Tools, or FlexGUI or any other of the "official" resources. However now that the C++ version of the P2 Graphical Debug Terminal is starting to come to life; I seem to be able to complete hardware detection, and get into Forth, at least so far, 100 percent of the time, even at the fastest speed offered. Uploading and running from the C++ port of Chip's original Delphi code is not quite ready yet - mostly because of Unicode translation issues, etc., on the Microsoft side of things, since as stated, the C++ port of the original codebase was completed over two months ago, and thus the major issues are (have been) things like Unicode translation, as well as figuring out how to hack the Microsoft Foundation Class library Document View architecture to get it to support Terminal Mode operations to begin with.

In other words, it will be ready when its ready; but in the meantime - here is something for the Propeller Heads to sink their teeth into. Lots of stuff to do, like getting OVERLAPPED i/o working, and all of the fun Oscilloscope modes, etc.


  • RaymanRayman Posts: 12,185
    Thanks for posting this. 3 MBit/sec is nice!

    I see some code in there for flashing the DTS signal...
    I might have to borrow that...
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