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Sending URL to Weather Underground

CapdiamontCapdiamont Posts: 214
edited 2019-12-04 22:24 in Learn with BlocklyProp
I want to send a url to Weather Underground to send home weather data to them. I find the url works in the browser, however I'm lost using Activity Board WX, Blocky Solo and the wifi module ESP8266. I do have it so I can program successfully, however the terminal through WiFi is not working.

Url, with ID and password is edited out.

Edit. I think I need to use TCP mode to get it to send out. Do I need to pull the IP adddress from DNS first?


  • I figured out I could shorten the url a little bit, by removing the weatherstation at the beginning of the url using the browser. I cannot access the website by using the IP address using the browser. As a test I can access using the browser. I was thinking I needed to access the website using the IP address in order to use the url in blocky. I’m not sure what the plan of attack will be.
  • Wunderground is probably using a load balancer to control access to their resources, which means you won't always get the same IP address when you resolve the URL, and the server may not respond to you if you haven't gone through the process it expects. This can prevent you from using a simple embedded controller to access the site.
  • CapdiamontCapdiamont Posts: 214
    edited 2019-12-08 18:37
    I think you are right, and I think I will have to rethink things. I think I will start back from basics with the Wifi Module
  • I'm trying to make up a string for the url to send, however either the URl is too long, or the characters that make up the url are preventing the string from being printed in the terminal. It is like the terminal hangs.
  • Expanded the URL variable size, I can now make the URL up. Working on sending the URL. The url my code does make a valid URL.
  • I'm not sure I can send the same long url.
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