Reading information from DHB-10

sasilvasasilva Posts: 2
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I am working in a MicroPython script, found in the following link:

Basically the problem I am having, is that when I try to read the firmware and hardware version, I am getting the following outputs:

for firmware version in hex and dec output
- b'\x06\x06\x16k'
- b'\x83\xd6'

for harware version in hex and dec output
- b'3\x06\x16\xd6'
- b'k'

Configured it so that I could get the outputs in hexadecimal and decimal, as well as in two different forms, as seen like in a array of bytes and a complete packets of bytes. The things is I don't know how I should interpret what I am getting. I know I should be getting there a 1 and a 10 as I have seen in the arduino library, but either way I don't basically know how to get out the values. I am using an ESP32 and uPy for this. Any help is welcomed. Thanks everybody.


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