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Toilet Paper Robot

ercoerco Posts: 19,925
edited 2020-01-06 17:30 in Robotics
CES 2020... seriously? As you balance on the edge of your toilet seat, stranded (!), this balancing Charmin-Bot brings you a fresh roll of TP.

Isn't simply stashing an extra roll of Charmin in the loo far less work than refilling this bot, keeping him charged, and living around his charging station? I thought bots were supposed to be labor-saving devices.

Maybe I'll see this at CES on Friday. I learned last year that there are deals to be had on the last day! Chinese exhibitors would rather sell their show demo units than pack them and return to China. And no, I don't want Charmin bot, but there may be others as well as 3D printers & laser cutters. It's time!



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