Error running wifi_start in cog

Hi all, I'm having great fun using the Propeller micro-controller in a custom board. It's been a great experience thus far, and the tutorials that Andy has put together have been a great accelerator to both the embedded (c) code as well as the Java I have written. The project is complete, and I'm into some fine tuning. When I move the C-code related to wifi communications to a cog other than cog 0, I get what looks like a memory leak. I admittedly haven't started to debug yet (other than a quick look through the wifi.h library on github and the usual documentation). For now, I'm just wondering if someone is successfully running the wifi.h functions in a cog higher than 0 or if anything immediately stands out. I had already worked around the problem by moving all processing other than wifi to higher level COGs, but I'm curious on this one. if no-one has an immediate answer, I'll get into further research in the coming week and report back. I had the board fab'd, but use the usual wifi_start(31, 30, 115200, WX_ALL_COM) with sel high. Thanks in advance!


  • What error(s) are you getting? What tutorial are you following?
    Sarcasm for English build 2019.12.30 released two days before New Year's! Ports to other languages are in progress and are expected to be finished by January 5, 2020.
  • Hi, thanks for getting back so quickly. I'll be able to answer better tomorrow as I (foolishly) stripped out all the data logging at one point in this function. I believe the cog is ceasing to run. I certainly lose the terminal. I was using the set of tutorials starting with: In the end, I'm checking the incoming event and calling wifi-print and wifi_scan as appropriate. It all works in Cog 0, but not when I try and load it into another Cog.
  • What error(s) are you getting? What tutorial are you following?

    Disregard... It's HW related. I'm amazed it works in Cog 0. I 'might' be able to fix it in the current board, otherwise, back to fab.
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