propeller-elf-gcc.exe - Permission denied(Solved)

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I was trying the program example from the activity bot 360 and when I try to load the program I get an error message "propeller-elf-gcc.exe : AB-IR-Remote-Wave.c: Permission denied"

I hope somone help me out with this error.

Thank you,



  • What editor and what example?
  • msiriwardenamsiriwardena Posts: 200
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    Iam using Simple IDE
    Windows 10 professional

    Propeller activity board.

    Error message :
    propeller-elf-gcc.exe -v GCC 4.6.1 (propellergcc_v1_0_0_2408)
    propeller-elf-gcc.exe -I . -L . -I ./library/libabdrive -I ./library/libfdserial -I ./library/libsimplei2c -I ./library/libsimpletext -I ./library/libsimpletools -I ./library/libsirc -I ./library/libwavplayer -L ./library/libabdrive/cmm/ -L ./library/libfdserial/cmm/ -L ./library/libsimplei2c/cmm/ -L ./library/libsimpletext/cmm/ -L ./library/libsimpletools/cmm/ -L ./library/libsirc/cmm/ -L ./library/libwavplayer/cmm/ -o cmm/AB-IR-Remote-Wav.elf -Os -mcmm -m32bit-doubles -fno-exceptions -std=c99 AB-IR-Remote-Wav.c -lm -lsirc -lfdserial -labdrive -lwavplayer -lsimplei2c -lsimpletext -lsimpletools -lm -lsirc -lfdserial -labdrive -lwavplayer -lsimplei2c -lsimpletext -lm -lsirc -lfdserial -labdrive -lwavplayer -lsimplei2c -lm -lsirc -lfdserial -labdrive -lwavplayer -lm -lsirc -lfdserial -labdrive -lm -lsirc -lfdserial -lm -lsirc -lm
    propeller-elf-gcc.exe: error: AB-IR-Remote-Wav.c: Permission denied
    Done. Build Failed

    Tis is the error message that shows at the bottom as compiler error

    Thanks for trying to help me

    PS: This is an example in the activity bot -Roaming with IR remote.
  • The error message seems to indicate that the propeller-elf-gcc program is unable to access the file AB-IR-Remote-Wav.c. Probably the permissions on that file are not correct. Did you install the source code in your own directory, or in a system directory? If it's in a system directory try re-installing to a folder under your own user name (e.g. in your desktop or downloads folders).
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