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just curios about something, i have one flip sending data to another flip through a pair of 2.4Ghz transceivers, everything is set to 9600 baud. the transceivers pass through exactly what they receive as if the two flip modules were connected directly. question.. does everything need to be at the same baud or is there any if at all benefit to increasing the baud between just the transceivers? and also does the flip suffer any problems as you increase its baud? thanks.


  • It comes down to what you are doing with the data, ie is the data time sensitive and is there a lot of it? If you need the link to be as transparent as possible, faster will usually be better. But many applications dont really care.

    Regardless of the prop-to-modem baud settings, understand that the actual over-the-air speeds are likely continually renegotiated based on signal strength and noise conditions. It is actually possible that your end-to-end times with a slow baud rate but excellent signal conditions could be faster than when you have the baud rate set much faster but the link conditions are poor (retries, errors, etc).

    So the best answer is likely “play with it and see what works for you”.

    Which transceivers are you using?
  • i am using several types, RFD21743, LC12S and another JDY-40. they all work very well for my aplication.
  • bnikkel,

    In the wireless stone-age the devices were 'dumb' and sent data at the rate a microcontroller talked to them.
    Today's wireless modules have a lot more brains and talk to each other at a different speed than they talk to the microcontroller.

    The design of the wireless module and where you place your them will determine the maximum baud rate that you can use.

    I tried looking up the datasheets and instruction for your modules but they all appear to be Chinese generics so can you please provide links.
  • bnikkel,

    This is what I have found out so far:

    The RFD21743 is fixed at 9600 baud but it has a 2000 foot range.
    Also since it's FCC compliant it must use a 50% duty cycle (1/2 time on and 1/2 time off).
    This antenna unit was obsoleted earlier this year.

    The JDY-40 has a maximum stated range of 120 meters and can go up to 19200 baud.

    The LC12S also has a maximum stated range of 120 meters but it can go up to 38400 baud.
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