The Great Cluso's Ramblade and CP/M

Guy's I am as happy as one can be and need to share this. (Nobody living around me could understand)

Finally I received a Ramblade from @Cluso99 it took a while, he was in the UK not down under.

What a beautiful piece of work, basically done years ago and obviously forgotten by the forum. Lot's of forum links do not work. So I start a new Thread to talk about it.

I hope @Cluso99 does not mind the attention, I did not ask for permission. But he basically still builds and sells them.

So the Ramblade is a wonderful little board with a P1 and 512 KByte external RAM. It has the size of a standard Matchbox. Like the bread board on a Parallax Demo Board.

Catalina supports the RAM, I think even PropGcc does, and ZiCog can use 64K (maybe more) to run a Z80 emulation and CP/M. This is just fun. A lot of fun. Way to much fun, I can't get the grin out of my face.

Microsoft Basic on a P1, Wordstar is running fine, and I might finally get COBOL85 running on a P1. I bow deep and will call him "The Great Cluso" once in a while, like @Heater said. Just to spread the smile I have in my face.

Ok, I have to admit that you do not really have much pins left. Basically there are TWO pins left, for either full duplex serial or one pin PS2 keyboard and one pin monochrome TV/VGA.

But having CP/M on a Prop is simply cool and I can not understand why that got lost in the forums.

I just got it running today, so just testing things out, next goal is to get COBOLZ80 somehow into the CP/M drive.

Need to read more old threads,



  • Mike,
    Really pleased you like my RamBlade.

    I must confess tho' that heater did the Z80 emulation (ZiCog). I helped to get it running and then used other code to make my Propeller OS. I wrote programs to move files to/from CPM and FAT, so if you can find a CPM binary for COBOL then I should be able to get it onto the CPM section on the SD.

    Yes there are many broken links on the forum and I don't even know what they all were.

    My website has also been broken for a year because I moved hosting sites and I didn't know how to get my backups working on the new host. I used Wordpress and X-theme to develop it. Anyhow, long story short, I posted a question to themeco with the details and logon, and within an hour they replied that they had fixed it and it was up and running again. I should have asked them a year ago :smiley:

    FWIW I have a P2 Z80 emulation done that just needs testing. My P1 OS needs converting to P2 as well. The SD Driver is done although I've been hung up on testing it as a standalone COG.
  • msrobotsmsrobots Posts: 3,275
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    hmm - It looks like neither GETCPM nor PUTCPM are working.

    I also seem to miss the EXIT command, have to switch power on/off.

    I have the files for COBOLZ80 on the SD but are not able to copy them to the CP/M file system.

    Will try with TerraTerm and hmm- xmodem?

  • ups, sorry, they do.

    one just need to provide the filename of the *.DSK file not the drive name...

    getting somewhere.

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    But now that you have gotten back to cp/m, you may need more toys to run on it. Here is the best link of all that I have found. You can even find Wiremaster on it. hmmm edit, link had issues. google for Humongous cpm software.
  • Sadly no success, have the files copied, but compiler errors out.

    I have another one to try, will see.

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