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Electronics in/near NYC? — Parallax Forums

Electronics in/near NYC?

Seeing I've got a few days free in NYC I'm kinda wondering what stores or places I could visit. I'm just using the metro and staying upper West side. Hopefully there might be something cool while my wife looks at dresses 😁


  • Be sure to take in the "Highline" ... a park built around and elevated freight train line roughly along 9th Avenue between 11th Street and 30th Street. There's a good description in the Wikipedia.

    There's a great coffee shop / café on the northwest corner of 20th Street and 9th Avenue called La Bergamot.

    There's a subway stop at 23rd Street (8th Avenue line). You can take the C or E train to that stop and either walk on a nice day or take the bus along 23rd Street.
  • I haven't been to the Highline yet but I do know about it and it is on our list although I was thinking more in terms of man-space :)
  • Welcome to NYC !!! - Start with the USS Intrepid exhibit & museum (46th Street / Hudson River) and Circle Line Ferry right next door - Wall Street / Battery Park / World Trade Center area with Trinity & st Paul's Chapel, Statue of Liberty, Sea Port market & Brooklyn Bridge all with in walking distance. Times Square at 42nd Street, need we say more! Nintendo NYC store at Rockefeller Center (47th and Sixth Ave). Museum of Natural History 79 Street & Central park West (Upper West Side) Museum of Modern Art w/lots of tech stuff (53 and Sixth Ave / Rockefeller Center area) Most of these are on the 1 train line which goes the entire North / South length of Manhattan. Have Fun !!!
  • @Peter Jakacki, I think Limor Fried of Adafruit should meet 'you'. I hope you enjoy your visit!
  • I've been here before and have done a lot of that stuff except maybe the highline but I'm not sure about geek stuff. What's this about adafruit?
  • What I've read about Limor Fried is that she started out building Arduino circuits which drew a lot of interest from hobbyists. Her business developed from that.
    I'm a hard core Parallax fan but among Arduino users Adafruit is pretty well known.
  • And one of her gadgets did use the Prop. It was built inside an Altoids tin, and the code is available for us to use.
    She also makes amazing assortment of gadgetry who supports the Raspberry Pi. And yes that Arduino thing. She also started her business in her apartment.

    And naturally I am indeed based in NYC. The Highline is well recommended and even by me.
  • Crossed practically everything off our list and just did the beehive. When it comes to geek gawks the score is nil, null, nix, nada.
    I managed to get the cheese n kisses and rellies in this beehive reflection.
    3840 x 5120 - 6M
  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 17,761
    Enjoy your trip Peter. I haven’t managed a NY visit yet - its on my bucket list.
    Just at Heathrow for our return trip home.
    Chat back home :)
  • Just at JFK now.
  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 17,761
    We’ll be back in Oz about similar times then. Pity you’ll be in Bris and we’ll be in Syd :(
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