Getting the VGA settings right

Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a simple VGA project using the original driver (this one). I need 320x240 VGA output (320x200 would also work) and would like it to cover the whole screen. I'm not sure how to configure the VGA driver to produce this. Currently I have the following configuration:
vgaparams               long    0               'status
                        long    1               'enable
                        long    %010_111        'pins
                        long    %011            'mode
                        long    0               'videobase
                        long    0               'colorbase
                        long    32            'hc
                        long    24            'vc
                        long    1               'hx
                        long    1               'vx
                        long    0               'ho
                        long    0               'vo
                        long    640             'hd
                        long    16              'hf
                        long    96              'hs
                        long    48              'hb
                        long    476             'vd
                        long    11              'vf
                        long    2               'vs
                        long    31              'vb
                        long    20_000_000      'rate

It produces a displayable signal but there's massive amounts of black space to the right and bottom edges (and the last two tile rows are missing.) Any comments/suggestions on how to improve it?


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