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Badgewx and SimpleIDE

I cant find any information on setting up the SimpleIDE workspace for the c files crated in blockeyprop for the badgewx is it possible to use SimpleIDE to program the badge?

thanks Warner


  • SimpleIDE works well with the badge. I even wrote a card game using it.

    What seems to be the issue?

    When the badge is connected to your network it will show up as a port that you can select. The badge advertises itself to the tool. From there you can just talk to it as it has a TCP port 23 running so you can use the interactive terminal with it.

  • sounds like you need to replace the simpleIde workspace with the blocklyprop version, which can be downloaded from github and the downloaded zip file installed with the simpleide menu option to "install workspace".

    If you need more help please reply. someone else here, or I can write better instructions from the office tomorrow.
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