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    dgately wrote: »
    Notice that I point the Spin Compiler field in the Properties to a copy of fastspin (I keep all my propeller tools in the /opt/parallax/bin/ directory for ease of updating them, quickly, in one place). No need to rename openspin to fastspin. That way it's easy to switch between them!
    Oh, i didn't know simpleIDE would accept a different spin compiler,,,,,hmm.. nice...

    What version of simpleIDE are you using?

    Either my compile is doing something wrong, or there is a bug in one of these...
    I would think someone would have noticed this by now..?
    So it must be my compile environment? hmm?
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    SimpleIDE 1.0.2 (RC2)

    And, an older version worked as well!

    SimpleIDE 1.1.0 (That I've modified slightly for other reasons)

    You can replace the spin compiler ONLY if it can accept openspin's option list (additional options are OK)!

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    oh man, so im gonna have to git a different head and give that a try to see it it still shows that problem...
    hmm.. think i'll steam up a cup a joe...

    Perhaps its the newer QT5.11 that broke it?
    Or should I have compiled GCCv6 instead of GCCv4?

    So many options...
    I suppose now I need to parse the build log....

    Compiling v 1.1.0 didn't change anything.
    This must be a QT5.4 vs QT5.11 problem.
    Hmm. ..sinking in c quicksand..

    I don't even need the compiler options, actually, but I want to be able to make it proper if I am going to share it.
    I don't own a P2, and so I don't have an immediate need for the p2 compiler switch.
    But I'd still like to fix it, since i have been wanting to get into the qt ide for a while now, its nice to have a reason to use qt, and now i do.

    I will now install the parallax older version and see if it even accepts the switch.
    That will get me closer to knowing if its a os or build environment version issue.

    SimpleIDE from the parallax site linux v1.0.1 RC1 does this also for me. Hmm could this be linux only?

    Well, i can compile a raspberrypi version and try it.
    I can make a mac one too, but i can't test it.
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    I have updated/populated much more information here, and have reached a point that I will not add a whole lot more.
    When I do add more I don't usually make another post, so the thread will not show up at the top.
    So check back if the content interests you, it may improve!

    Since it contains so much info, parallax customers might benefit by making it sticky status.
    Or if parallax wants to hack this thread up and turn it into an official sticky more to their liking, DO IT.
    Just let me keep my copy, so i can change it when things change(like when people change repos that break these instructions)

    If anyone wants to copy the info here and use it somewhere else, DO IT.
    All this info was made from parsing the interwebz and help/info from forum users!

    I may at one point create a windows version, but not now.
    PropGCC needs to be updated, and most peeps involved know that, and I suspect it will be updated for the P2.
    QT5.11 causes code issues in older code, which needs to also be updated, I don't what the status is on that.
    Since I am getting into working in QT, I will keep this thread updated if I learn more things about it or the SimpleIDE code.

    I hope this info helps someone!
    It helps me all the time when I want to re-do my system, and forget all the steps to get to the ability to compile SimpleIDE.
    Lots of steps involved!
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