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Happy Thanksgiving! — Parallax Forums

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a great holiday with loved ones and too much food. So who has the best turkey project for today? Start your Christmas "Hack the Halls" project now, the busy season is upon us!


  • Happy Thanksgiving to you too, erco! My turkey project is cleaning off the years of clutter from my workbench so I can actually "do" something!

  • Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,056
    edited 2018-11-22 23:32
    Wipin windozer, moving to debian, ain't lookin back.

    Thats my turkey project, literally, eatin turkey, whilst installing buster for the 6th time.
    (these dependencies can totally ruin your day if you go about them the wrong way...)
    Practice, practice, practice...

    Cleaning off my pc "desk" from windozer bloatware, so i can actually "do" something also..
    They are really making linux a REAL contender for windozer... FINALLY!!!!!!
  • Hey everyone! Got stuffed, am just relaxing with family.

    Enjoy, be well. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,925
    @Christmas Carol: Animate this for Hack the Halls!

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  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,162
    Happy Thanksgiving, All!

    I love Carol Lynn Hazlett's Turkey Hack.

    Here is the post at R.U.S. -
  • frank freedmanfrank freedman Posts: 1,835
    edited 2018-11-23 03:11
    @erco, yes on one, very yes on two, forget about the Russians in five minutes! Oh, black Friday was invented to distract the (______) from the (________). One can fill in their own blanks, meanwhile time to settle in front of the TV and watch this year's black Friday madness yet again!

    Gotta love that turkey, but how to season it, Old Bay or poultry seasoning?
  • K2K2 Posts: 684
    We had about twenty people at the table and not one of us took a full plate of food. Many were barely half full. Almost no one went back for seconds. This was a radical departure from past years. I said nothing about it, but just quietly ate my own little dollop of mashed potatoes and small pile of turkey scraps as I wondered when the world changed.

    Next year we may skip the turkey altogether and just sit around snacking on millet as we discuss the demise of paper news.
  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 22,982
    edited 2018-11-23 04:53
    Got together with family at Salty's on Alki (West Seattle). Expen$ive, but the food and service there are amazing. It's a once-a-year tradition with two brothers, their spouses, kids, and kids' SOs. But try making reservations anywhere on Thanksgiving with the last name of Pilgrim. "Is this a crank call?"

    No dishes to clean -- yay! -- but no Friday turkey sandwiches, either.

    Happy turkey day, all!
  • Happy Holidays to all!

    If you need a horrible gift idea there are only a few of these left -
  • Oh wow, you have to read the questions and reviews of that thing!
  • Jeff Haas wrote: »
    Oh wow, you have to read the questions and reviews of that thing!

    The first review:
    I am a scientist. Like everyone else that has purchased and reviewed this item I thought it was a hoax. I also felt like I needed to take it a step further and do a little data analysis on this device. Most if not all of the reviewers that plugged this device in experienced some sort of interface with a UFO. One guy said it does not work at all. This lead me down a path to do a little statistical analysis on the device and I really came up with some interesting data. To make a long peer reviewed paper short in abstract this device is NOT a UFO Detector. This device is a UFO ATTRACTOR. Almost everyone that has reviewed this has experienced the same thing. Probing after plugging the device in. I am not talking just a finger or two or even the shocker I am talking a full fledged onward fist, metal probe or worse. So when I ran the numbers of people that got probed and correlated it to the people that actually got a visit once they plugged this in I was really floored. This thing is like the UFO Alien version of Tinder. Plug it in, aliens get notified, they speed to your house and let their extraterrestrial version of Netflix and Chill roll on.

    So for this to be deemed good science I decided to try it. I plugged it in for like 45 seconds. The lights began to flash. I then unplugged it. I then hid it in freezer. Sure enough minutes later the sky lit up and this GIANT UFO was near my place. It seemed a bit confused though as if it was looking for something. Luckily I guess my quick unplugging it did not let these guys get a good GPS lock on my home. Instead they went to the neighbors home. I heard a lot of yelling in redneck street vernacular as what appeared to be two Greys dragging the father out of the double wide home. Wow and he thought an encounter with his probation officer was scary. I felt kind of bad after doing that. I saw him a week later drinking PBR tall boys by the fence. All he would do is mumble incoherent things. He was a lost and broken man after that. Guess he wont be blocking my driveway with this lifted 4x4 anymore.

    I thought ok if this is science I have to duplicate my results. I went to my exwifes home at 3am and plugged it into the GFI plug that is on the south side of the home in front of the fence. Yeah that house I use to live in. I digress. Within seconds the lights started to flash. I looked to the night sky and saw a tiny pin prick of light start to get bigger and bigger. I unplugged the detector, jumped in my car and parked at the end of the street. In amazement a space craft showed up. This time a single grey came out with a rather large laser gun. He went to the front door and blasted it open and ran in like he was on a mission. I thought I was about to get sweet revenge for the hell this woman has put me through. But just minutes later the Grey ran out as if he was scared. He mumbled something that sounded like Oh hell no Im not paying you alimony, your family is bat shit crazy and we are not having a kid. The ship literally jumped to hyper space from the front yard and damaged some shingles on the neighbor’s roofs. NOAA claimed it was straight line microbursts during the night that damaged the homes. Yeah I know better.

    So I had to use it one more time to be sure that my data held true. I went down to the local ICE office and asked for a job application. I sat in the lobby as asked the lady if I could borrow a pen and plug my phone charger into the wall to charge my phone as I filled this things out. She was sweet with her blonde hair extensions and fake nails. Shehanded me a Pilot Precise 5 extra fine and said sure charge my phone! So I reached into my briefcase and plugged the detector in. Sure enough just like the last 2 times the thing went crazy I let it go for like an additional 30 seconds so it would really get a good target lock for these aliens. I unplugged it and told the lady I had to go to my car for a minute and would be right back. I sat there and saw this only what I can describe as a large white oval UFO land near the building. It had ladders strapped to it, It was jamming some loud music and smelled of stale beer and only what I could describe as extraterrestrial weed. Eight of these greys just walked out. They had what looked like alien gang tattoos all over their torsos and coordinate numbers tattooed on their chests. They had sparkly bandanas on and crip walked to the front door of the office and just waltzed in like they owned the place. Screaming ensued from inside the building. I heard gunshots, at least I think they were. Sounds to me like automatic large caliber rifle fire. Anyways a few minutes later seven greys were seen dragging one grey out that was shot. They also had the lady from the front desk in tow. They pushed her in the spacecraft by her blonde weave and took off.

    I really think what we have here is conclusive evidence this is a real UFO attractor not a detector. This thing is like a homing beacon for extraterrestrial life. Plug it in at your own risk. Don’t blame me if you get gaped like a 60mm gauge streatchy earring thing at ye ole meal exit place. This thing works. It works too good. Be very very careful when you plug this in. Do not place it near the microwave or near any type of baby monitor. All I can say is bad things happen if you do. Trust me. I cant wait for the Bluetooth cordless version to come out. Once that is available.. we are taking this to the monster truck rally.

  • doggiedoc I am in tears here
  • Heater.Heater. Posts: 21,233
    That's the best scifi short story I have read for years. And all in a product review, brilliant!
  • localroger wrote: »
    doggiedoc I am in tears here
    I laughed out loud more than once!
  • doggiedoc wrote: »
    localroger wrote: »
    doggiedoc I am in tears here
    I laughed out loud more than once!

    Mee too!!! :-D
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,925
    Happy Thanksgiving again! Anybody have any interesting turkey projects? I missed this fantastic one from Carol last year.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Hollywood, everyone!
  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,162
    Happy Thanksgiving from Robotics Under the Stole! I am thankful for all of you and all you've taught me, and all you've shared. Thanks for reading too!


    Image Credit: Thanksgiving | Robot Turkey 2.0 - Wisconsin Magpie
    400 x 300 - 31K
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • ...happy post-Thanksgiving from the hinterlands of north Idaho!
    Oh, and my "turkey project" mysteriously wound up in my stomach. *8)
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