Anybody here know Olga?

I must've gotten a half dozen of these emails today addressed to my forum email address:


You got me very interested. I would really like to know you closer!
I want to communicate with you and learn about your interests, hobbies.
I hope for mutual understanding and possible reciprocity.

Actually, I would like to meet and talk with an interesting and nice man!


Oh boy! (I guess I really should switch to gmail.)

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  • I've received emails like that from my contact email.

    It's obviously some sort of scam but I'm not sure which sort. Maybe they have a bunch of money they need to transfer out of some war torn country?
  • I get tons, from various names. gmail sends them all to the spam folder, so I only really see them when I go there to clean out the spam. How anyone would even consider replying to such emails is beyond me - it screams scam/spam/hoax/crime/worse.
  • Well darn, I don't feel very special anymore. I found her email in my spam folder today too and thought someone really cared about me. Guess not.
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  • She sounds intelligent anyway. If you want some brainless spam, get a Yahoo account. 75% garbage, and I have to personally delete it all. As far as I know there are no controls in place to automate that. I would just delete the account, if we didn't have it forever.
  • I think I met Olga once. A Russian girl on a ferry boat crossing the Baltic. She called herself Svetlana then. Cruising the bars looking for some lonely middle aged guys I guess. Within two minutes of saying "Hello" she was getting very, shall we say, friendly. Well, 'er indoors did not take kindly to that and soon saw her off. Later I saw Svetlana with here big, ugly, minder. Looked like bad news all around.

    Speaking of Olgas and Svetlanas, on another ferry boat, coming back from St Petersburg a couple of years ago, I found the main bar was full of the most stunning looking girls I have seen in my whole life. Make up, perfect. Dresses, perfect. Posture, perfect. I wondered what was going on. Am I seriously drunk? Is this normal for Russian girls out on a boat trip?

    A couple of them deigned to chat with this old Englishman. They were really sweet. Turned out they were all models on their way to Helsinki for some modeling competition. They were "strutting their stuff" on the way just for fun. Then I got chatting to the boyfriend of one of them. An electronics engineer so we geeked out from then on wards.

    Sometimes reality is amazing.

  • Heater. wrote: »
    Sometimes reality is amazing.

    Sometimes not.

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  • Heater;

    Given the stories you have about meeting people on boats you might enjoy THE PILLARS OF HERCULES by Paul Theroux.
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