RN-42 and Propeller Board of Education Connection

I have the Propeller Board of Education mounted on a Boe Bot chassis and the Bluetooth RN-42. I want to program it remotely using Bluetooth. I am using BlockyProp and I am able connect to the RN-42 but I can't program my robot. I need to know what Propeller pins to connect the RN-42 too or information how to connect so I can program it.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • This the error I am getting when I try to load my BlockyCode through my RN-42 Bluetooth module.

    Required libraries: ping, simpletools, servo
    Library compile order: None needed
    Compile successful
    Ignored 249 bytes.
    error: no propeller chip on port 'COM8'
  • I personally have not used the RN-42 but I have used other Bluetooth devices to connect to boards for remote Bluetooth control.
    You need to connect Din (RX) on the RN-42 to a Tx pin on the Propeller and Dout (TX) from the RN-42 to a RX pin on the prop. The Prop RX and TX pins can be software defined and the serial connection is created with:

    fdserial_open(int rxpin, int txpin, int mode, int baudrate)
    b_tooth = fdserial_open(15, 14, 0, 9600);

    You may have to set the Baud rate on the RN-42 to match how the Propeller is set.

    There is another thread where someone posted C code to work with a QuickStart board, but I am not sure if it works or not.

    In the end, I'm not sure if this will give a means to program the Propeller via the Bluetooth connect. With the BOE, I believe you would need access to pins P30 (RX) and P31(Tx) but these do not seem to be brought out to a header connection.
  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
    You cannot use the RN-42 for remote programming. It is not connected to the Propeller Programming Pins. It is also not providing the reset signal required.
  • This looks like the correct configurations.


    My problem is with board of education. The Rx and Tx propeller pins are not accessible.


    Of course I would have got RevB. I could have used the pads on the bottom if I had RevA.
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