serial terminal problems

When I run this listing, I get periodic errors where some of the data printed is bounced down as if it is a ghost. It happens usually when the clock rolls over to a new minute. Any ideas??
The extra lines are not updated.


  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
    In the screenshot I would have circled the relevant values with a green circle and the errors in red so we can see where the issue is. Since it seems to happen on roll-over, I would suspect something about the way you're printing the values. Perhaps in the translation some value is being interpreted as a command, rather than data.
  • Can you try commenting out your initialization of the second cog? See if that fixes it. If so, try increasing the size of your stack. Also, I can never remember without looking it up, but you may want to double-check whether the last parameter of cogstart takes the number of elements (32-bit words) or the number of bytes in the stack.
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