I got a problem with simpleide not seeing the new library that is created when using the tutorial in the learn section. I did the restart per the tutorial and attempted to test the new library. If I go through simpleide to add the library it does not see the 'MYLIBRARIES' folder. If I go through "my computer" I can find it.??????????


  • Martin,

    Here is a working library example that Andy and I put together for you. We tested it, and it works. You can use it as an example to create your own future libraries. Make sure you unzip it and then open from the folder that was unzipped.

    You can run Test libblink where it is, and since the lib blink library folder is in the same directory it will still run. You can also copy the libblink library folder to ...Documents/SimpleIDE/Learn/Simple Libraries/. Once you have done that, you can have a project with #inlcude "blink.h" anywhere on your drive, and it should still work.

    1. The library folder and project names need to start with lib. For example you can have a library project named libblink.side in a folder named libblink.

    2. Then, add blink.h and blink.c tabs to your project and add your forward declarations to blink.h and your function code to blink.c. Make sure blink.c has #include "blink.h". Likewise with libblink.c.

    3. Make sure that function names are consistent. For example, if your library and header have a function named void blink(void), your example code needs to call blink(), not Blink().
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