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Need help school project

Hello everybody,
I am in an electronical option at school and this year we make project. My project is a game where with a laser we have to touch target and count the score. We are three to work on this and i am on the part who counts the score. I have to do a programme who in function of where the laser touch it counts different score by adding and after a time it stopped and check the total. I work with 2 BCD-TO-SEVEN-SEGMENT DECODERS 74LS247 and a basic stamp2. I ask for help because i am really lost and the end of the year is near :( if you have any idea that can help me i would be gratefull. Thank you already for your help and sorry for not being totally clear english is not my mother language ^^'
I look forward to hearing from you.


  • So do you have a schematic? Presumably you have an input pin that changes state when a laser touch occurs and a bunch of output pins connected to the 247's. Do you have a copy of the programming book?
  • Also, "What's a Microcontroller?" has a lot of practical examples and information. This and the reference manual have been translated into a variety of languages. Contact Parallax Tech Support for links to on-line copies of these.

    Look through the Nuts & Volts columns for other examples. There may be one using a BCD to 7-Segment decoder.
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