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DE0-Nano support

How many of you guys have this setup?


How many of you have a DE0-Nano without this add-on board we made a few years ago?


  • I have Nano's without the wings. I gave my wing to someone that wanted to do video stuff with P2Hot
  • Heater.Heater. Posts: 21,233
    Me, me, me. I got one!

    It's "All fired up, no place to go". As I said elsewhere today.

    Sadly I can't justify splashing out on the big boards.

  • I don't have the wings. I think I sent mine to another forum member when I got my DE2-115 board.
  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 17,703
    edited 2015-10-13 18:21
    I have the wings. All set and waiting in the "wings".
    Sorry, couldn't' resist ;)
  • I have the wings and will happily pass it on to someone who wants it.
  • I got a nano without the wing
  • RaymanRayman Posts: 11,962
    I think I have that setup.
    Don't know if I'd bother with no that getting p123 though
  • I have a nano with the add-on board.
  • AribaAriba Posts: 2,468
    edited 2015-10-13 19:44
    I also have the AddOn board, just a bit more dusty ...
  • +1 nano without the wings
  • 1x Nano with wing
    2x Nano without wing

    (lots of PropPlugs)
  • John AbshierJohn Abshier Posts: 1,115
    edited 2015-10-13 21:21
    I have a Nano without the add on boards.

    John Abshier

    P.S. I have a Prop Plug
  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 13,574
    edited 2015-10-13 21:05
    The DE0-Nano fits two cogs, but no CORDIC.

    I just need to test it now.

    Does anyone have a DEO-Nano without the add-on board, but still have a PropPlug?

    I think I've got the DE0-Nano supported with the add-on board.
  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 13,574
    +1 nano without the wings

    Have you got a PropPlug, Antoine?
  • The PropPlug is easy to get. I think Parallax has plenty in stock. I don't think the DE0-Nano add-on board is available anymore though.
  • I do, I need to dig it out from my office move, but I'll find it.

  • I have one

  • Two cogs sounds like fun! How much hubram?

    I have proplugs....someplace!
  • I will qualify.

    3 Nanos
    1 add-on board
  • cgracey wrote: »
    +1 nano without the wings

    Have you got a PropPlug, Antoine?

    Yes, and a spare one also.
  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 13,574
    I posted a new zip file with a jic file for the DE0-Nano.

    It has 2 cogs, no CORDIC, and 32KB of hub RAM.

    I will see now about supporting the bare DE0-Nano board.
  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 17,703
    cgracey wrote: »
    I posted a new zip file with a jic file for the DE0-Nano.

    It has 2 cogs, no CORDIC, and 32KB of hub RAM.

    I will see now about supporting the bare DE0-Nano board.
    Nice work Chip!
    I didn't expect to see 2 cogs fitting. This is a real bonus to test out debugging between cogs :)
    Will not get a chance to check it out till tomorrow though :(

  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 13,574
    I'm about to post a new zip file that covers the DE0-Nano bare board, with a prop plugged in.
  • I have a nano without the add-on board, and no prop-plug (here with me).
  • blittledblittled Posts: 681
    edited 2015-10-14 12:27
    I have a nano without the add on board too. I do have a Propplug
  • @Ramon,

    PM your address to me and I can send you a Prop Plug. I have at least one spare and we want you in the testing pool. I believe you are outside the US and I can ship it for a couple of dollars where shipping and taxes for you will exceed the cost of the plug!

    Now, I just need to find them....they disappear very easily between being "put away" in a parts drawer or staying connected to shelved projects.
  • Let the army of NANOs commence testing!

  • TorTor Posts: 2,010
    I mentioned this in the other thread already, but I am among the DE0 owners too (bought it from Parallax no less). No add-on board, but I have at least two Prop Plugs so I'm good to go. Except that I can't join the tester army just yet, my Nano is in my northern location at the moment. But from mid-November I hope to be with the gang.
  • Both DE0-nano configurations work for me (with and without DAC/VGA board), the prop identifying itself to PNUT v1c with CTRL+G. The picture in the first post however is misleading: the DE0 needs to be rotated, USB connector on the lower side, as indicated on the DAC/VGA board. I don't have a jumper on the 26 pin connector either. Is that necessary now? With P2hot it was needed for an external PLL out to clock in connection.
  • I tried the standalone Quartus Programmer (v9.1) that I have installed on this small laptop, but it failed to read the bitfile. I think it's the latest standalone release they made.

    So I guess I'll have to wait next weekend, to revive the full (and more current) Quartus on the desktop PC.

    Or, I could try at my job place maybe... just need to camouflage the DE0-nano to look like an external USB hard drive... hmm better not! :lol:

    Many thanks for the bare DE0-nano files, Chip.
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