Scribblers not available until February?

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I really really want a scribbler for my nephew, but I see that apparently they are not going to be
available until February. That's a tragedy; missing the whole Christmas season!

I can imagine Parallax must have a good reason for this. I'm a bit sad because he did ask for a
"robot", and he's still a little young for the BoeBot (I've tried).

I'm really really hoping against hope that's just a typo on the site. But if horses were wishes,
riders would beg.


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  • GrievousfishGrievousfish Posts: 54
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    You might try ebay. Otherwise, if you can't get one, I've got an extra that I'm not using at this time.
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    I have an extra one too.Let me know if you want to buy it.


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  • rokickirokicki Posts: 1,000
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    Thanks, guys! I love this community.

    Susie called around and we located one at the Palo Alto Fry's! Yay! It won't be
    late for his birthday! So I don't need another.

    If anyone is thinking of giving one of these for Christmas, now might be a good
    time to check your Fry's stores or other Parallax retail outlets.

    It's really nice being able to get *some* Parallax stuff from a retail outlet.

    Now to find some butcher paper rolls somewhere . . .
  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,185
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    The sales of Scribblers spiked really high the last couple of months and our inventory got depleted much faster than anticipated. We were slow to plan the next production run also, to make matters worse. Missing the holidays is a real mistake for us!

    But when I saw we were getting low I grabbed the very last ten (10) units on the shelf which were not spoken for in sales orders and put them in my office. I did that because I knew there would be emergencies, and there were. Three of them had to go to a local teacher who literally wore his fleet out and needed a few spares to keep going. So I still have seven (7) units left on my desk, so if there's a kid who absolutely must have one before February I should be able to help.


    Ken Gracey
    Parallax, Inc.
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