Parallax Hydra Prod link

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Sorry- another dumb ?

Assuming Hydra is Parallax' prod, can someone ping back w/ the url to it please.

thanks in advance



  • ForrestForrest Posts: 1,341
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    That's a good question. The Hydra is being developed by Andre LaMothe - you can read about it the general forum at

    However this picture is posted at - so I don't know who will actually be selling the Hydra
  • AndreLAndreL Posts: 1,004
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    The Hydra is being manufactured and distributed by Parallax, Nurve will distribute the product as well on our site, but Parallax should be getting a tentative site up for the Hydra, the assets were delivered over a month ago to parallax for a site work up, so I would imagine either its done, nearing done, or they are holding off for some reason, potentially to control support questions when the product hasn't shipped yet, etc. -- but, Parallax will definitely put a site up for the Hydra [noparse]:)[/noparse]

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