Basic Stamp second editon (propeller errata!)

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Just though'd I post this - not strictly to do with much but hay.

I've just spent the afternoon in Foyles Bookshop (London), looking at microcontroller books etc, when what should catch my eye but a very old "Basic Stamp"·programming book (

Whats this to do with the Propeller?

The·preface is written by Ken Gracey (of Parallax fame - of course), and in his closing paragraph he alludes to·ongoing development·and something bigger and better coming!

And that was in 2000!

Made me chuckkle!


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    Sometimes really good things take longer than you want them to....

    Jon Williams
    Applications Engineer, Parallax
  • JavalinJavalin Posts: 892
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    And as they say - good things will come to those who wait.......
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