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Propeller - Guess The Price



  • CariadCariad Posts: 13
    edited 2006-03-22 22:23
    Jon Williams (Parallax) said...
    Please be careful with the "guessing games" -- a casual browser of our forums may pick up someone's guess and turn it to gospel, spreading it elsewhere.· Lauren tells me she will be releasing official pricing very soon (it's nice).

    · Hi Jon, Mike here do you have any update on when Lauren will be releasing the official pricing ?

    Thanks Mate


  • Jon WilliamsJon Williams Posts: 6,491
    edited 2006-03-22 22:54
    Sorry, no....

    Jon Williams
    Applications Engineer, Parallax
  • Guenther DaubachGuenther Daubach Posts: 1,321
    edited 2006-03-23 00:12
    Jon Williams (Parallax) said...

    We invited several guests -- most long-time and advanced Parallax customers -- to our facility for a preview of the Propeller and put preliminary tools and silicon into their hands. So the answer is no, the IDE is not publicly available; we've got a bit of work to do yet and we're getting great feedback from that wonderful group of guests.

    We're a Windows-oriented company, so the IDE is a Windows tool. That said, we will be creating files for Mac and Linux developers who want to create custom tools for those operating systems.

    This is a different kind of product; good, bad, or indifferent, we're breaking a lot of rules (or expectations, anyway).

    I can only confirm this. Fortunately, I had the chance to attend this first-time Propeller presentation at Parallax, and I just returned home from Utrecht/Netherlands, where I had the chance attending another tow-day's Propeller introductory seminar, mostly dedicated to the European Parallax distribuition partners.

    The Propeller chip is viable - I have a couple of working chips on-hand here plus the Propeller demo board.

    Scanning through the posts in this forum section, you can figure out a lot of great features of the Propeller - I can only say, this is not the end - there are more useful, power-features available that have not been addressed in detail so far. "Why not", you may ask. Please note, Propeller is not yet released, and as usual, Parallax will not release a new product before the required tools and the docs are available. IOW, all Propeller information you find here is preliminary but published with permission of Parallax by experienced people who had the chance for a first Popeller "hands-on". Therefore, this is valuable information, although subject to be changed when the Propeller is finally released.

    Greetings from Germany,

  • GadgetmanGadgetman Posts: 2,436
    edited 2006-03-25 11:33

    The Propeller itself is a bit more than I expected, the demo board is cheaper, and the starter kit is about where it could be expected, I guess.

    Is Mouser cheaper/average/more expensive than other companies?
    (I have never dealt with them)

    And more importantly, are they now in trouble with Parallax? smile.gif

    Don't visit my new website...
  • ForrestForrest Posts: 1,341
    edited 2006-03-25 16:32
    A quick check thru Mouser's catalog show they charge list price for Basic Stamps - so I assume the prices for the Propeller are list also. I hope Parallax offers some special introductory pricing if you buy directly.
  • JavalinJavalin Posts: 892
    edited 2006-03-25 17:14
    Well to add my 5 pence worth,

    I think the pricing is spot on. If you consider that the Basic Stamps and the more complex Javalin are much more expensive and arguably are less able/advanced (but still very good) processors - I am surprised that the propeller is not nearer the $50/$70 mark.

    Not to forgot that it will be backed by the usual excellent customer service - what other company would/could do all this!!!!

    Well done Parallax! I cannot wait for it to be released!

  • PARPAR Posts: 285
    edited 2006-03-25 17:38
    Apple/Macintosh had a four-year marketing advantage opportunity over Microsoft/Windows, but Jobs et al over-priced Apple out of their advantage --never to gain much market share and leaving MS time to stumble through OS2 and on to "good-enough" Windows. Niche? Or, saturation?

  • Kaos KiddKaos Kidd Posts: 614
    edited 2006-03-25 17:52
    Ok... I'm at a loss...
    How can Mouser have a price, but nothing on the Parallax site about it?

    Just tossing my two bits worth into the bit bucket

  • ForrestForrest Posts: 1,341
    edited 2006-03-25 18:17
    PAR - wrong thread

    FYI while Steve Jobs helped determine the price when it was introduced in 1984 - he was fired a few months later by John Sculley. Blame Sculley for how the Mac was priced.
  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
    edited 2006-03-28 15:48
    Javalin said...(trimmed)
    I think the pricing is spot on. If you consider that the Basic Stamps and the more complex Javalin are much more expensive and arguably are less able/advanced (but still very good) processors - I am surprised that the propeller is not nearer the $50/$70 mark.

    ·· One thing that makes BASIC (And Javelin) Stamps somewhat pricey is that they're modules.· They are made up of a PCB, Individual Pins, Interpreter Chip, EEPROM, Resonator, Voltage Regulator and a bunch of support circuitry.· These are assembled here at Parallax, not done overseas, and each module is tested prior to leaving manufacturing.

    Chris Savage
    Parallax Tech Support

    Post Edited (Chris Savage (Parallax)) : 3/28/2006 6:00:03 PM GMT
  • JavalinJavalin Posts: 892
    edited 2006-03-28 16:12
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the information. I recall somebody saying that now you mention.

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