New forum area's- Cocosig CHAT Pchip room /Experimenter Prop shop

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CHAT ROOM Cocosig/Os9· PCHIP Room/Experimenter Prop Shop ·Get together with your friends

I have opened a new "Propeller" and "PCHIP" area within my delphiforums Forum's,you are welcome to come burger.gif

I have Chat room access which any member can open and chat with each other jumpin.gif at any time,you and your friend's are welcome!

I have now added area's within my forums in / xxxxxxx

for the NEW PChip. and have a Chat area setup for both...... experimenter and Cocosig/ Os9 THE : Prop Shop / Pchip room

get together in my Coco sig or the Experimenter forum! I,m trying to get the wiz kids and YOU, To come, as there is no CHAT room here
so I am making mine open for whoever wants to chat about the Pchip,I have TWO Chat rooms open anytime one wants
to come! beer or Bar is avalible,but you can bring your own to the Computer!

I,ve fixed the link, I forgot something!(DUH)

fun fun fun

Cheers Dennis turn.gif

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