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I thought I would start this new Topic since it would be off topic with the existing ones. I felt it would be good to discuss Benchmarking, especially since it's a new processor. There's always the issue of 'How Fast is it ?' when you write code

I wouldn't think you have to get burdened with the benchmarks typically used found on bigger cpu's at work(spec), just some practical ones(eembc) that are used for embedding applications.--->

I was looking to add some type of benchmark to the code I plan to port over to the propeller regarding the image recognition project I'm trying to make with John Baker(owns a But I think I'll only have time to write one kind to measure how many frames/sec this could process while trying to get the code to work properly. I still need to wire up the camera module, so in the meantime, I'm looking to port the code first and then worry about the benchmark code.

Any thoughts from Parallax about making/offering benchmark code ?


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