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SX28 programming.

bloody-orcbloody-orc Posts: 8
edited 2006-03-01 19:50 in General Discussion
I'm now to here

Is there any kind person near Estionia(or in) who could program one code snipet into one SX28 chip. i just need to program one chip for my camera so i wouldnt like to buy SX-key for 30$ (or 50 here in estonia). i would be very greatful if someoune could send me a chip via mail. contact me on my emayl at or @ MSN on (no spam please). i will pay all charges if needed and provide the software for the chip.

Thank you in advance
Rain Ellermaa


  • Jon WilliamsJon Williams Posts: 6,491
    edited 2006-02-25 21:41
    You should post your code requirements, Rain, and let the group work through the program. Once it's done I'm sure somebody can program and send you a chip if there are no local programmers.

    Jon Williams
    Applications Engineer, Parallax
  • bloody-orcbloody-orc Posts: 8
    edited 2006-02-25 22:10
    trying to program this unit. cant find the soft at that leta time of the night. will find it in the morning. (unit is here)
  • Jon WilliamsJon Williams Posts: 6,491
    edited 2006-02-25 22:20
    You should be able to get a chip from CMU, no?

    Jon Williams
    Applications Engineer, Parallax
  • bloody-orcbloody-orc Posts: 8
    edited 2006-02-26 09:40
    Thanks for your replys

    what chip do you mean? the SX28? that i was going to order. and i cant find any other chips in the schematic. MAX chips i have loads.
    the program(HEXfile) can be found here:

    and i cant order the preprogrammed chip from theyr website sadly if this is what you mean.

  • bloody-orcbloody-orc Posts: 8
    edited 2006-02-27 15:43
    is there anyone that could program one SX28 and send it to me? if yes contaact me on my e-mail at (no spam please).
  • JavalinJavalin Posts: 892
    edited 2006-02-28 11:25
    I (for one) am unclear as to what you are trying to achieve!

    The CMU-CAM 1/2 is sold as a complete item, i.e. you cannot buy all the components and "build it your self". Also I am 99.9% sure they do not release their code for programming SX's parts. Additionally they use a SX48/52 chip - so you cannot use an SX28.

    That said, if you are trying to update your firmware on the camera (the built-in) SX48/52 (cannot remember which off hand) you will need to use a SX-KEY to attach to the CMUCAM to program the camera directly (i.e. cannot program a chip here and post it to you!!)

    From their website => "The CMUcam2 comes with the firmware pre-programmed and does not have to be re-programmed under normal operation. If necessary, firmware updates can be performed by the company through which the CMUcam2 was purchased."

    More information required!!

  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
    edited 2006-02-28 17:53
    Actually the CMUCam 1 does use an SX28 and while I haven't verified the authenticity of the code at the link it does appear to be a HEX file for the firmware.

    Chris Savage
    Parallax Tech Support
  • JavalinJavalin Posts: 892
    edited 2006-02-28 18:36
    ah, I was talking about the CMUcam2!
  • bloody-orcbloody-orc Posts: 8
    edited 2006-02-28 20:45
    no the cam2 is too complex for me and as you know it aint free for taking. i'm trying to make cam1. so if anyone could be so kind and make one for me i would apreciate it a lot (and i pay the costs)
  • JavalinJavalin Posts: 892
    edited 2006-03-01 19:50
    Hi Rain,

    Send me your address via PM (Private Message), and I will program and send an SX28 with the CMUCAM v1 firmware.

    No charge for this, but share your experience with the forum - post an entry in the Project forum to let us know how you get on!

  • Hi guys,
    I am a newbee here and was asked to find a programmer for SX28.
    My friend has a company that manufactor skate grinding machine
    called CAG One. This machine is operated by a SX28 processor.

    His electronics manufactorer no longer has a programmer, so now
    he has no idea where to buy one to continue selling his machines.

    Any one here that can give me a hint where to buy a programmer
    för SX28?

    Best Regards
    /Christer in Sweden

  • ercoerco Posts: 20,207

    Parallax' long-discontinued SX Key and SX Blitz are rare and in occasional demand, even here in the US. Just keep Googling and asking.

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