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Serial and 1wire with Propeller

FORDFORD Posts: 221
edited 2006-02-22 20:14 in Propeller 1
Can anybody who has had a preview, please tell me if the prop /·SPIN·setup will do the following...

1wire comms similar to the bs2p.
serial data in with TIMEOUT to label, WAIGT and SPSTR type functionality.

The above items are most crucial for our products.

Western Australia


  • Paul BakerPaul Baker Posts: 6,351
    edited 2006-02-22 04:13
    We cannot provide any information on those since they do not exist yet, Jeff and a few of the seminar attendees will be developing objects for the Propeller to mimic many of the functions currently availible on stamps. For the one wire communications, I think somone will have to pick Jon William's brain abit since he has actually sat down with developer of one-wire.

  • FORDFORD Posts: 221
    edited 2006-02-22 04:18
    Thanks Paul,
    I know the release date, do you think those type of objects will be ready by that soon, or will they be add-ons which are available as things progress.
    I am assuming there is going to be an ever increasing·list of objects being created by Parallax and other people.
    (presuming we can create our own).

  • Paul BakerPaul Baker Posts: 6,351
    edited 2006-02-22 04:29
    Well, Im not exactly sure what the priority will be. I will be trying to create a SPI driver very soon (its the protocol I am most familiar with). The thing is, since everything is laid out on the table, you will be just as equiped to write the drivers yourself. I am 100% certain that all the features you need can be implemeted on the Propeller, its just a question of if they will already exist by the time of release.

  • Kaos KiddKaos Kidd Posts: 614
    edited 2006-02-22 14:17
    Ok... I think I'm getting a picture here...
    THe objects referenced here and in other threads represent actual code (at the compiler / pc ) side of things that would be downloaded to the prop if needed.
    This infers that the actual "I2C" protocall and command set is not part of the ROM included.
    This would lead to "Custom" protcalls, very easy updates to the firmware in the prop.
    Is this the general idea?


    Just tossing my two bits worth into the bit bucket
  • Piper984Piper984 Posts: 74
    edited 2006-02-22 14:36
    So Paul, is there no 'precanned' SEROUT function in Spin yet? The totally great thing about PBasic is that is allows a very high level approach to developing. I assume Parallax is going to duplicate this with Spin. Is this true from what you have seen?
  • Martin HebelMartin Hebel Posts: 1,231
    edited 2006-02-22 14:46
    Some of us are trying to join forces to create a "BS2 library" of functions for those users who are accustomed to PBASIC, but I haven't heard any definate plans from Parallax to do this anytime soon.


    Martin Hebel

    Disclaimer: ANY Propeller statements made by me are subject to my inaccurate understanding of my limited time with it!
    Southern Illinois University Carbondale -Electronic Systems Technologies
    Personal Links with plenty of BASIC Stamp info
    and SelmaWare Solutions - StampPlot - Graphical Data Acquisition and Control
  • Paul BakerPaul Baker Posts: 6,351
    edited 2006-02-22 15:51
    Martin is correct, there is no high level functions in-built in the way there is with the stamp (Spin is high level for the Propeller, but is still much lower a level than PBASIC). But as he mentioned, several of us are discussing collaborating to create equivalent Propeller functions for commonly used PBASIC commands.

    BTW Piper, SEROUT is one of the few that is already implemented (though I think its roled up into another example, but extracting it isn't a serious issue). Commands with timout functionality are a little harder (such as SERIN), only because there are two different ways of doing it, the first is a low power method using two cogs, the second would fit on one cog but would consume more current. Likely there will eventually be both methods depending on if you need the extra cog or if you can spare one and want to run on battery power.

    But because many of these functions will be a community effort, there is no garentee that they will exist by the release date.

  • Beau SchwabeBeau Schwabe Posts: 6,467
    edited 2006-02-22 20:10
    Some of you are still thinking one-dimensional.....With multiprocessing you can have FULL-DUPLEX serial communication, meaning send and receive at the same time!!....
    ....At different baud rates if you want to, on different pins, talking to different devices. Even in a PC you can only do one or the other in the same instant in time. <---Multi-tasking
    makes it appear to happen at the same time within the PC but in real life this is not the case.

    Beau Schwabe

    IC Layout Engineer
    Parallax, Inc.
  • Paul BakerPaul Baker Posts: 6,351
    edited 2006-02-22 20:14
    Good point Beau, at some point the whole mapping the Stamp onto the Propeller breaks down, instead of having a SERIN command and hoping you have gotten to the instruction in time to receive the data you are expecting, you have a SERIN function running all the time on its own processor and whenever it receives data, it writes it to global memory and makes an indication there is data waiting to be processed. Then in your main program (running on a different processor), you occasionally look at the indicator if new data·exists then fetch it, or continuing on your way if it doesn't.


    Post Edited (Paul Baker) : 2/22/2006 8:18:38 PM GMT
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