ExpressPCB Layout Extraction

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It looks like you removed your pcb layout from an earlier post. My question is how did you get a "print" of the PCB without the dots that are in the background of expresspcb files?

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    In order to print out an exact size image of an ExpressPCB layout(1 Layer at a time):

    In ExpressPCB, click View->Options

    remove checkmark from "view corners"
    remove checkmark from "show grid"

    Then set background to white, and top layer to black. Zoom in as far as possible to make the circuit take the whole viewport.

    Take a screenshot(CNTRL+PrintScreen or ALT+PrintScreen).

    1-To import this to photoshop, paste screenshot into a new image.

    2-Carefully cut out the·PCB area from the screenshot and paste it into another new image.

    3-Click: Image->Mode
    ···········-Set mode to Grayscale.

    ·· Click: Image->Image Size
    ············-Set to 3" X 1.7"(or actual size of board) @ 1200DPI

    Quite a bit of editing can be done in photoshop·from adding text and rounding corners to creating and removing vias. In this case, I·changed the layout and squished things together.

    Before printing to a transparency, you may need to flip the image. I flip and print twice(2 passes, 5 minutes between passes to let ink dry) with cheap injet printer and injet transparency(3M). I then expose a presensitized board(MG Chemicals) for 8 minutes. The board is develloped then etched in Ferric Chloride.

    Attached are circuit for viewing in ExpressPCB, and·"ready to print"·edited PCB image.


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