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Playstation Debugging

jeb2cavjeb2cav Posts: 2
edited 2005-02-21 16:16 in Robotics
So, after a number of hours, I'm still seeing "unknown, no response."· I'm using an out of the box PS1 controller.

As I'm relatively new, a couple of assumptions in my setup that I think are good, but -· I'm using a separate breadboard, and made +5 connections to Vdd, and ground to Vss.· I've use the IO pins (8-11) alongside the project board on my revC.

No errors in the code, and after 2 other humans have looked at the wiring, I'm convinced it's in line with the article (101).

Any ideas on some minimalist troubleshooting steps I could take to see where this is breaking down?· No complaints at all with the article or other references, admittedly a little frustrated, have no ideas to troubleshoot this piecemeal.



  • MacGeek117MacGeek117 Posts: 747
    edited 2005-02-20 22:19
    Google it. Also, post your code, please.shocked.gif

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  • JavalinJavalin Posts: 892
    edited 2005-02-20 23:19

    I've also tried this with no success.

    As a work-arround i've (not finnished!) got a PS1 controller, they disasemble easily and the analog sticks are easy to remove. Planning to use an SX RCTIME command to sample the resistance on the two axis (X,Y) to get position!

  • jeb2cavjeb2cav Posts: 2
    edited 2005-02-21 16:16
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