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Motor shaft

Jonathan AllisonJonathan Allison Posts: 96
edited 2005-02-14 15:18 in Robotics
Hi all;

I'm looking for a way to "extend" the shaft of a stepper motor. It is to be connected to a shaft which probably will be larger then the shaft of the motor itself. Does anyone have any experience with this, if so what was the solution. If anyone knows of any companies which supply this magical part I seek maybe you could post the link too!



  • MacGeek117MacGeek117 Posts: 747
    edited 2005-02-13 19:48
    Go to a library and check out Build Your Own Robot.

    I think I know what I'm doing...
  • MatthewMatthew Posts: 200
    edited 2005-02-13 19:56
    Great idea Bugg!!!

    Well, Jonathan, I'll be of more help. You're looking for couplers/couplings, and they're fairly common. Some couplers have the same inner diameter (ID) on both ends, and some of different ones (as in your case). There are also many many variations, some that are $20+, and some that are around $2. I normally get them from, but they're site seems to be messed up at the moment.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any further questions.
  • kelvin jameskelvin james Posts: 531
    edited 2005-02-13 22:48
    Here is a link to a page at jameco, depending on the bore size you might be able to adapt the proper mix of coupler from your motor to the shaft, from what they offer. Like a .197 to a .250, or whatever.
  • bobledouxbobledoux Posts: 187
    edited 2005-02-14 15:18
    Depending on the application I sometimes use a piece of rubber tubing to connect a motor to a shaft. I buy it at an auto supply store.
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