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A Tilt Radio Controller for Your Boe-Bot



  • graffixgraffix Posts: 389
    edited 2011-06-29 22:46
    Could any one tell me how to adjust this so when I tilt my board to lower left the standard servo moves to the lower left not lower right.Just one of the axis is backwards.Thanks
    ' {$STAMP BS2}
     ' {$PBASIC 2.5}
     ' SimpleTilt.bs2
     ' Measure room temperature tilt.
     x VAR Word
     y VAR Word
     PULSIN 6, 1, x
     PULSIN 7, 1, y
     DEBUG CLS, ? X, ? Y
     PAUSE 5
     PULSOUT 12, x - 1750
     PULSOUT 13, y - 1750
  • ercoerco Posts: 20,254
    edited 2011-06-29 23:19
    You don't say WHICH servo you want to reverse.

    On a BS2, legit servo pulsouts range from 500 to 1000, with 750 being the center position. Reverse a servo position at PULSOUT n using PULSOUT (1500-n).

    Since you currently have:
    PULSOUT 12, x - 1750 and PULSOUT 13, y - 1750

    then the legit range of x or y must be 2250-2750.

    You can change EITHER the first one to PULSOUT 12,3250-x

    OR change the second one to PULSOUT 13,3250-y
  • graffixgraffix Posts: 389
    edited 2011-06-30 00:39
    It worked fine.Thanks erco
  • ercoerco Posts: 20,254
    edited 2011-06-30 09:00
    XLNT, thanks for the feedback. Even easier than building this one-IC servo reverser, which works well!
  • gennarobasso81gennarobasso81 Posts: 84
    edited 2012-06-19 12:02

    Hello everyone, This is my first time writing in a forum. I am still pretty new to the world of electronics but am learning a lot thanks to Parallax. I was hoping either a staff/admin/mod or a forum user could expand on the wiring diagram. It seems pretty basic i was just woundering where i would have to connect the pull-down resistor. I am assuming that the 220 goes from p10 to p11 signal I/O.

    Thank you and sorry if this is a bit basic
  • Hi, I am trying to run 2 set of RF tilt controllers at the same time, so that each BoeBot can have different controlling motion. I tried with 2 sets of baud rate, and is workable, however both movement were jerky. But when I turn off Tx1, TX2 & RX2 BoeBot move smoothly. Any idea to solve, so that I may set up 2 or more sets of BoeBot move separately and smoothly.
  • MicKL,

    The Parallax 433 MHz Transceivers are "dumb" devices so when 2 transmit at the same time, their signals clobber one another.

    Replace the Transceivers of the 2nd BOE-Bot with a pair of XBee modules.
    The XBee Wireless Pack (#32440) has everything you need including a USB adapter for configuring the modules later.
    For the Transmitting XBee you would use the DIN (Data In) pin instead of TXD on the Transceiver.
    For the Receiving XBee you would use DOUT (Data Out) instead of RXD on the Transceiver.
    In RfTiltTransmitter.bs2, in the SEROUT command, change 16780 to 84.
    In RfTiltControlledBoeBot.bs2, in the SERIN command, change 16780 to 84.
    These values control the baud rate and mode that the BS2 uses. 16780 is 2400 baud inverted while 84 is 9600 baud noninverted.
  • Hi Genetix,

    Mean Parallax 433 MHz Transceivers could not do 1 to 1 communication smoothly when there is interference from another set of transceiver?
    Is XBee transceiver having the same issue when more than 2 pairs of transceiver running at the same time?
  • Hello MickL,

    Yes, the extra transceivers interfere with one another.
    Extra XBee modules can either be given a different PAN ID, the mating module's Address can be placed in DL and DH (Destination Low and High), or both.

    After mentioning the XBee Wireless Pack, I remembered that the BOE-Bot has a lot of stuff on it so you will need a SIP adapter.
    I also thought that you might prefer Joystick control, so look at this project that uses XBee modules on Page 135.
    That text also gives a good overview of what XBee modules are and how to use them.

  • MicKL,

    I ran across this in case you're interested.
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