scenix 28 in pcb123 parts library?

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Does anyone know of a download for a scenix 28 part or a pic 16c57 for the PCB123 parts / schematic library? It seems this would be a common need. There must be something similar for Eagle. I am still using version 1 of PCB123 but may get to version 2 soon.


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    Shouldn't you check with the folks who make PCB123?...

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    You can add anything you want to their library (on your own computer) through the provided software. 28 pins is not much to handle, 52 pins is a bit of a job.

    The advantages with this approach are that you can use proprietary designations for key components if you don't want others to simply copy and populate your board.

    Actually, the correct design is your responsiblity, so they just care that you provide files that make manufacture doable. They do provide proto-typical packages to work from.

    And once you have the SX-28 in there, it will save time in the future.

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    For EAGLE, you can find SX-related component libraries on Cadsoft's site at

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