New BASIC Stamp Manual v2.1 now available to download - includes full PBASIC 2.

Hello Everyone!
The new BASIC Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual v2.1 is now available for free download!·
This latest release is a complete reference for all versions of the BASIC Stamp programming language, including all the PBASIC 2.5 commands and syntax enhancements.· Highlights include:
·········· An illustrated tour of the BASIC Stamp Editor software, including features new to version 2.1.
·········· Detailed PBASIC 1.0, 2.0 and 2.5 syntax support in an easy-to use alphabetized reference.
·········· Example programs demonstrating all commands
·········· Schematics for·all current·BASIC Stamp models: the BS1, BS2, BS2e, BS2sx, BS2p, and BS2pe.
·········· New conditional compilation techniques for code that will run on any model BASIC Stamp.
The book is currently being printed, and should be available to order in a few weeks.· In the mean time, to download it·follow·the link·on our home page:

Happy Holidays!
Stephanie Lindsay
Parallax Inc.

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