USB to Serial, and FTDI Direct and VCP drivers.

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Hi all,

I see that the recommended USB to serial converter is the FTDI unit.

I need a USB to serial converter, but am concerned with using the FTDI

I used the FTDI direct device drivers for hardware that I build and support
both firmware and PC side software for. However, from what I remember
the ftdi VCP drivers do not like to be installed along side of the
direct drivers.

Now, with a quick look on FTDI's web site...··...It appears that in newer
device drivers use a·EEPROM setting to differentiate which drivers
will access the hardware.

My problem is that that I have existing hardware at customer sites that
are probably not programmed with the newer EEPROM settings, so·I·cannot
easily update drivers in my software package. However, I still need a USB
to serial converter for the SX Key, and need to support my older existing
FTDI hardware.

Anyone still following me???·

If so, any suggestions?

My thoughts are:

Do I look for·a non-FTDI USB to serial converter?

Or,·can anyone tell me if the new FTDI device drivers and new
USB to serial converter will function with·older·FTDI direct device drivers
currently installed on the system?
(I end up on the road with this system, and need the drivers to work for
my existing hardware)

Any ideas?



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    I'm very fond of the KeySpan 19W unit for a standard USB to RS232 converter. It's been very good to me so far. And since it's a different vendor, it shouldn't conflict with your FTDI settings.
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    Now I'm looking at the drivers for the FTDI usb to serial converter on the web site,
    and have found that the PID/VID combination can be 1 or several combinations
    for the Serial Converter.

    Does anyone know what the programmed PID/VID·and what the
    actual FTDI chip is in the converter (I assume FT232AM or BM chip?)

    If the Vid/Pid·VID_0403&PID_8372...· just may work.
    I'm thinking I may be able to get away with the
    FTDI USB to Serial if I·rewrite the .INF file to remove
    any references to the 0403/6001 vid/pid (again, if the
    pid/vid is 0403/8372) Otherwise, I may be able to
    reprogram the EEPROM in the USB to SERIAL to something
    completely different, and write the INF to match.
    (If they don't both try to hook into the windows USB·stack
    at the same place, that is)

    Again, the·main problem is that·0403/6001·is the default
    VID/PID for an empty EEPROM, and thus I·need the direct
    drivers to grab·this hardware to program the eeprom)

    Anyone following me yet? If so, what is the default
    vid/pid for the USB to serial Converter? (Parallax guys???)

    Or, Should I just go with the KeySpan Unit (If it doesn't have
    the FTDI chip in it, that is)

    Why can't we just have Serial ports on laptops!!!

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