RGB Sensor (TCS230) from TAOS, Inc.

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I received an email from Parallax regarding a module using the
recently introduced Texas Advanced Optical TCS230 RGB sensor
(www.taosinc.com) The Parallax kit is a TCS230 sensor, white LED, PC
board and connectors for around $70. The TCS230 is like the TSL230
and TSL235 light to frequency sensors which we have seen several
articles written on in the past. It's only available in SO8.

Oh, here's a hint from the tech rep at TAOS -- if you use an
illumination source without IR, you don't need the Hoya CM500 IR
blocking filter. If you don't want to buy the kit from Parallax, I
have some of the TCS230's if anyone cares -- see them at
www.tech-diy.com/store.htm , elsewise you have to purchase them in
hundreds to get any.
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